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Half of Chicago’s Rail Cars to Be Replaced

Just recently, it was announced that the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Board has approved a request to replace around half of its rail cars. That endeavor is one that will cost about $1.3 billion and that will mark the largest-ever purchase of rail cars in CTA history. 846 cars will be built for the project. […]

new business

New Businesses Popping Up All Over Pilsen

February has shed its extra day. It keeps snowing, but it doesn’t seem to stick for long. It’s inevitable: winter is ending.   Along with the human bears crawling from their hibernation caves, the air is different in Chicago. People are riding bikes again (on the warm days). The streets are filling up with people. […]


Chicago Shootings on the Rise

For those who live in the city or surrounding suburbs, hearing about a shooting in the Chicagoland area seems to be a common, everyday occurrence. Every night on the news viewers expect to hear about another deadly shooting, which is sad reality. Statistics are out and there were 51 recorded homicides in the month of […]

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Star Wars Museum?

Star Wars is probably one of the most famous movie franchises of all time. The movies have gone through generations of people, not only the original series but also the prequels and the new movie and movies set to come out. Through not only movie sales, but also many other avenues such as action figures […]


Teachers Union Rejects CPS Contract Terms

If you are from the Chicagoland area, then you probably remember the CPS strike that happened back in September of 2012. The Chicago Teachers Union is in constant battle with coming to an agreement regarding Chicago Public Schools and their contracts for teachers. Most recently, the Chicago Teachers Union voted to reject a four-year contract […]

Student Union, Chicago State University, Roseland

Chicago State University & Illinois Budget Concerns

It probably comes as no surprise to the people living in Illinois that the state’s budget impasse is effecting yet another group of individuals. Chicago State University on the city’s south side might be forced to shut down, after being open for close to 150 years. The university is predominantly African American, many of which […]

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Over 100 Chicagoans Shot Already in 2016

Within the first ten days of the new year, 120 people had already been shot within the city of Chicago. This is a full three times higher count than this time last year, despite repeated assurances from Mayor Rahm Emanuel and state government that Chicago violence has gone down.   In the short span between […]

chicago shooting spree

Chicago Shooting Spree

It was just about a year ago that a journalist put the pressure onto the Chicago judicial system to release the video tape to the public of police officer Jason Van Dyke gunning down LaQuan McDonald.   Without that video, Chicago police officer Van Dyke would not be facing first-degree murder charges today. Chicagoans would […]