chicago shooting spree

Chicago Shooting Spree

It was just about a year ago that a journalist put the pressure onto the Chicago judicial system to release the video tape to the public of police officer Jason Van Dyke gunning down LaQuan McDonald.


Without that video, Chicago police officer Van Dyke would not be facing first-degree murder charges today. Chicagoans would have been forced to accept his inaccurate story of what happened on that cold, horrid night. The public would have possibly believed that McDonald was threatening the lives of several police officers and had to be gunned down in cold blood to save officer Van Dykes’ life.


There are reported fifty police shootings of innocent people each year in the city of Chicago that has become known as Chiraq. With a very small percentage of police officers ever being convicted of wrongful killings or even investigated in these rising numbers of shootings, video surveillance, body cams, and dash cams have been the voice of the deceased from their graves. In all murders, it the voice of the victim who actually speaks the truth through the coroner’s report and now video recordings.

There was a time when having eye witnesses helped to solve murder cases. Because many Chicagoans fear the corruption found in the police department and the retaliation of Chicago’s notorious gangs, eye witnesses choose to keep quiet. Those that do muster the courage to come forward to report police brutality and gang violence are often ignored and dismissed. Accounts of violent incidents go unreported or filed in the system.


It did not help the disgustingly growing reputation of the world-class city that its mayor, prosecutor, and superintendent are a part of the corruption in the shootings taking place around Chicago. McDonald’s family member was given $5 million to keep hush about the murder of their child. It is alleged that Mayor Rahm Emanuel wanted the 16 shot execution of the Black teenager to simply go away in order for him to win the election. Many believe had Emanuel exposed Van Dyke, he would have won the hearts of Chicagoans. Why he chose to cover up this shooting is still baffling the city, as Chicagoans are now protesting outside of his home for his resignation. Choosing to cover-up McDonald’s murder left a corrupt superintendent at the helm to continue allowing illegal shootings throughout the city of Chicago.


The public cannot help but to question how many shootings have been swept under the rug in the name of politics. Many believe Emanuel is wanting the elite of Chicago to claim the south and west side to tear it down and rebuild. What better way to get rid of those who have lived in those areas for years than to unleash gang violence, gunning down innocent children to wipe out a race of people? The rise in Chicago gang violence over the past years is frightening with thousands of shootings going unsolved. Why? It is alleged that it was the plan all along. Let them wipe each other out, so the land can be taken over. Genocide.


While many NRA supporters are fearing President Obama of literally coming into their homes and confiscating their firearms, others understand he is simply wanting to tighten the background checks on those acquiring firearms from here on out. A sixteen year old kid in a gang should not be walking around with an AKA-47. Where did he get this gun? How did he get this gun? Who gave him this gun? With the reported capture of drug lord El Chapo, many believe this might bring some of the gun violence down in the city of Chicago. It is alleged that El Chapo controlled much of the drug trafficking throughout Chicago and also the sale of firearms supplied to his “employees” in Chicago.

Chicago used to be a town where tourists were excited to visit because of its great theater, its beautiful lake, its breathtaking skyline, and its delicious stuffed pizza. Now when visitors think of taking a trip to Chicago, they think again. Who wants to risk possibly getting shot on their vacation?


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