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Star Wars Museum?

Star Wars is probably one of the most famous movie franchises of all time. The movies have gone through generations of people, not only the original series but also the prequels and the new movie and movies set to come out. Through not only movie sales, but also many other avenues such as action figures and other memorabilia, Star Wars is worth more than you can imagine. Now, there is a museum in the works, and Chicago is one of the cities that could be home to the “Lucas Museum.” While Chicago is one of the cities that is possible for the museum, other cities have been creeping in as the possible landing spot. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel says that the Lucas Museum is a priority for George Lucas and his wife in Chicago. An advocacy group in Chicago is trying to block the museum from being a reality, and Mayor Emmanuel is trying to keep the thought alive. Here are a few reasons why the museum should be in Chicago:


  •        Jobs
  •        Revenue
  •        Tourism
  •        Central Hub

Jobs – Job creation is one of the most important things needed for a city’s economy. They continue to earn money and can afford to buy things for themselves and create a strong economy. Not only does the creation of jobs stimulate the economy, but it also keeps people off of the street. Not only would these jobs have a temporary status for construction, but permanent employees would be needed to work at the museum during its operation times.


Revenue – Can you imagine the amount of revenue going back into the city? Just charging a small fee to enter the museum could create millions for the city, which could be used possibly to help the struggling debt that Illinois is currently experiencing.


Tourism – Tourism, which is already a huge benefit to Chicago, would increase. The masses love Star Wars and would most likely come to Chicago just to see a Star Wars museum, let alone the many other things in the city to see.


Central Hub – Because of Chicago’s location in the Midwest, the museum would be in a perfect spot. It would be in the middle of the country where people could easily visit from anywhere in a short amount of time. A flight from New York to San Francisco would be very long to see the museum. However, the flight or drive would be shorter from New York to Chicago.

Hopefully the city of Chicago can make the right decision and make the Star Wars museum happen. The city was already outbid by another country for the Olympics, which probably would have stimulated the economy and jobs for the time the Olympics were going on. This however, is another opportunity that could create dividends for years to come. It is clear that George Lucas and his wife would love to have the museum in Chicago, however it is also clear that some people see it as a possible scar in what is now the city. Hopefully there is an agreement soon, and building can begin.


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